Meeting Announcement for Special Assessment

There will be a special meeting on Wednesday, June 7th at 7pm on the 10th floor to discuss a special assessment. The vote will be at the normal monthly meeting Tuesday, June 13th at 7pm on the 10th floor. The Americana has had several large maintenance items uncovered in the past few months that require or have required immediate attention.

Deterioration was found to have occurred to the south garage ramp that requires new rebar and concrete to be poured. This repair is awaiting permits from the City of Denver, but the ramp has been closed to ensure no one is harmed if the ramp were to fail.
A sewage drain stack failed in several areas between the 2nd and 4th floor leading to the tearing out and replacing of the pipe along with a total restoration of the bathrooms on two of the floors.

The elevators also require maintenance. We frequently have problems with the elevators being stuck on floors due to failing door mechanisms. There was also some minor flooding in the elevator pit due to a sump pump being unplugged and these costs are included in the summary. There was a major garage and basement flood due to a pool company error. These charges are not included and the work needed to repair that damage is being coordinated with the pool company and their insurance.

I have attached assessment details in a password protected post below.

Both elevators down

– Elevators are back up


Summary of recent elevator events
– Tuesday, May 2nd – South elevator driving machine was removed and sent to Texas for repair. Think of this kind of like needing to repair the engine of a car.
– Friday, May 19th – North elevator became stuck on the 6th floor due to failing door mechanism
– Tuesday, May 23rd – A pool company error flooded the elevator pit and garage. The north elevator stopped functioning. Damage is still being evaluated but many of the electrical systems for the north elevator will probably need to be replaced. The board and CAP are working with the pool company on this matter. Garage and elevator pit are dried and sump pumps replaced in the garage and elevator before 6pm the same day.
– Wednesday, May 24th – The elevator company is able to get the south elevator functioning again around 1pm.
– Friday, May 26th – Power outage causes elevators to be non functional for a few hours.
– Monday, May 29th – South elevator becomes stuck sometime after 7pm on the 5th floor. A part was needed to repair the elevator.
– Tuesday, May 30th – South elevator restored.

Most of our elevator problems over the past few years have been related to the doors being stuck due to failing door mechanisms. The the elevator pit flooding is unfortunate but would have been a problem even with new elevators.

The common elements are owned by all the owners in the building and should be thought of as an extension of your home. Much like a standalone house requires repair and replacement of large systems(e.g. water heater, roof, furnace, sewer line) so do the common elements of our building. The benefit of being in a condo is that even though these repairs can be very costly when the amount is split among all the owners it is rarely more expensive than common repairs in a single family house.


Hi all,

Elevators are down again. CAP has been notified.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll post an update when they are back up.

Power Outage

Per Xcel power restored at 9:21 am.


Hi all,

Power went out at around 7:50 am.

Xcel said 969 people were affected and the current power return time estimate is 11:00 a.m.

Any Resident report outages and register for text updates with Xcel here:

Or view current outages here:

Both elevators down and garage flooded

South elevator should be working again!

Update: The flooding in the elevator pit damaged the electrical and elevator components. These will most likely all need to be replaced.

The driver for the south elevator is back in town and the install will start tomorrow. If all goes well it will be completed tomorrow but could take longer. Until it is installed we will be without a working elevator.

If possible please check the contents of your storage unit. Take pictures of the damage and document if you can. The units by the pool equipment had water dripping in from the ceilings.


Hi all, the pool company failed to turn off the water pump for the pool.

The garage has several inches of standing water and the elevator pit is full of water so the elevator is down again.

CAP has been notified and quality first is already on site.

Emergency Water Shut-off – RESTORED

Water restored. I have attached a photo of what needed to be accessed in one of the three units in case any one was interested.


Work has been delayed due to 08 stack units flushing toilets. I am awaiting a call from the plumber to turn the water on. I will send another update as soon as its turned back on.


Drain pipes in the 08 stack are being replaced right now and open so water usage in 08 stack is spilling into those units. Work should be completed by 10pm.