Elevator Reader – July 2016 Vol I



Moen cartridge is 1220/1220B or 1225/1225B and can be purchased here:
http://amzn.to/2azTLNZ – 1220 on Amazon
http://amzn.to/2ar6C5X – 1225 on Amazon
http://thd.co/29ROYLx – 1220 Home Depot
http://thd.co/2ar7ibl – 1225 Home Depot

DIY Instructions for replacement:
http://moen.co/29EklHA – Moen instruction video
http://moen.co/29D5kXr – Moen instructions and interactive tutorial

Remember! Water to the shower must be OFF before cartridge is remove.

Contact the board@1121albion.com if you need the water to the building turned off 48-hours in advance or if you would like a plumber recommendation.