Executive Meeting Agenda

As mentioned on the elevator reader and the last website post, the board will be holding an executive meeting this month in lieu of an open owner meeting. This is because a representative from CAP management will be unable to attend any meetings in December. There was some concern expressed during the Annual election about CAP management and our maintenance person, so this executive meeting is an opportunity for the board to discuss these concerns openly, without a CAP employee present. Executive sessions may be held to discuss HOA employees or management per Americana bylaws. Minutes of the meeting will be posted in your portal for review.

We will resume monthly HOA meetings in January. The January meeting will occur on Wednesday, January 3rd at 7pm on the 10th floor. The HOA meetings will go back to the 2nd Tuesday of each month in February. Happy Holidays!

Annual Member Meeting 2015

The Annual Homeowners Meeting is to be held November 10th, 2015 at 7:00 pm on the 10th floor of the Americana.

The agenda will include:
1. The review and vote on the 2016 budget
2. Vote on three members of the Americana Board. All three members will serve two year terms. (The letter sent our erroneously stated that one member would serve a one year term)

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please fill out the proxy. Candidates are being asked to describe their platform on the website forum.

The paper proxy form can be returned by mail, fax, email, or hand delivered.

Note: There is a typo on the proxy. The secretary’s email is secretary@1121albion.com

Residents can also complete the proxy online. The secretary will email the owner who completed the proxy to verify the proxy and confirm that it was received.

Its important that all members are hear.

Also we have developed a new method to pay you HOA dues. There is now a button to pay your HOA dues online on our website. Residents are asked to pay an additional .50 cents as a convenience fee when paying online.

Thank you in advance for your participation in the HOA process!


Agenda and Draft Budget – October 2015

There were some technical difficulties getting the October agenda to post with the link to the draft budget, so I deleted the post and recreated the contents.  


If you have budget comments, questions, or concerns please participate in the forum.

Note: The below is just a draft and updates will be posted for the November meeting. For current status view the document in Google Docs.

Please sign in to download the budget as it is much easier to view in Excel.