Emergency Water Shut-off – RESTORED

Water restored. I have attached a photo of what needed to be accessed in one of the three units in case any one was interested.


Work has been delayed due to 08 stack units flushing toilets. I am awaiting a call from the plumber to turn the water on. I will send another update as soon as its turned back on.


Drain pipes in the 08 stack are being replaced right now and open so water usage in 08 stack is spilling into those units. Work should be completed by 10pm.

Credit card readers & Call Box

Hi all,

The credit card readers are down due to CenturyLink disconnecting the internet to the office when a phone line was cancelled.

A change to some of the lines also affected the call box so long distance numbers are asking for a 1 or 0.

Cap has contacted CenturyLink to restore the internet and undo the phone line changes. The credit card readers and call box will hopefully be restored before the weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience.