Notice: Update Both Elevators Down

Update: The flooding in the elevator pit damaged the electrical and elevator components. These will most likely all need to be replaced.

The driver for the south elevator is back in town and the install will start tomorrow. If all goes well it will be completed tomorrow but could take longer. Until it is installed we will be without a working elevator.

Both elevators are currently down.

CAP has been notified and the elevator company is on the way.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


The south elevator is having a part repaired and had been down since May 2nd.

The North elevator stopped responding on the 6th floor shortly before 6pm tonight

Emergency Water Shut-off – RESTORED

Water restored. I have attached a photo of what needed to be accessed in one of the three units in case any one was interested.


Work has been delayed due to 08 stack units flushing toilets. I am awaiting a call from the plumber to turn the water on. I will send another update as soon as its turned back on.


Drain pipes in the 08 stack are being replaced right now and open so water usage in 08 stack is spilling into those units. Work should be completed by 10pm.