Announcements: Annual Meeting 2017 and 2016 clarification

The annual meeting will be November 14th at 7pm. There are three positions up for election. An official mailing from CAP with the proposed budget, proxy and a letter from the board will be mailed early next week.

You may also receive an unsolicited email and/or mailing from an angry owner or imaginary owner as has happened more frequently in the last two years. I am only going to address the most serious allegation because I do not feel like any of the others warrant any more time than I have already given them.

There was a quorum at the annual meeting in 2016. We had 27 owners present and required 21 for a quorum. The minutes were posted on the CAP website on February 15th, 2017.

There was not a vote by secret ballot as we only had two vacancies and two individuals running per Bylaws Article III Administration; Section 7. Conduct of Meetings of Members; Subsection i. Election of Directors to serve on the Board (when there is an election) (by secret ballot if more candidates are running than there are vacancies on the Board);

I have attached a full copy of our documents for anyone who wished to spend more time verifying this information.


Heat and AC in the building

CCM switched the building to heat yesterday evening.

Unfortunately our heating/AC system uses heated and cooled water. Switching from heat to cool or vice versa requires advanced scheduling with our HVAC contractor as well as a couple days for the thousands of gallons of water to be cooled or heated to actually effect the temperatures inside of units.

This means that for a few weeks every spring and fall residents will be either uncomfortably hot or cool depending on the temperature outside.

Below are ways to help mitigate the temperature shifts in the periods where it would be better to have heat but AC is on or vice versa:

  • Install thermal curtains
  • Use a space heater
  • Install new windows/patio doors
  • Install ceiling fans
  • Use a fan