Meeting Announcement for Special Assessment

There will be a special meeting on Wednesday, June 7th at 7pm on the 10th floor to discuss a special assessment. The vote will be at the normal monthly meeting Tuesday, June 13th at 7pm on the 10th floor. The Americana has had several large maintenance items uncovered in the past few months that require or have required immediate attention.

Deterioration was found to have occurred to the south garage ramp that requires new rebar and concrete to be poured. This repair is awaiting permits from the City of Denver, but the ramp has been closed to ensure no one is harmed if the ramp were to fail.
A sewage drain stack failed in several areas between the 2nd and 4th floor leading to the tearing out and replacing of the pipe along with a total restoration of the bathrooms on two of the floors.

The elevators also require maintenance. We frequently have problems with the elevators being stuck on floors due to failing door mechanisms. There was also some minor flooding in the elevator pit due to a sump pump being unplugged and these costs are included in the summary. There was a major garage and basement flood due to a pool company error. These charges are not included and the work needed to repair that damage is being coordinated with the pool company and their insurance.

I have attached assessment details in a password protected post below.