CO in the building

There was a car idling in the garage that caused one of the co monitors and garage air evacuator to turn on.

The air evacuated from the garage into the air intake of the building.

The board has contacted CCM to schedule work to ensure the air intake turns off when the co monitors are triggered to avoid the exhaust being pulled into the building.

Please check that the vents in you bathroom and kitchen are pulling. This will help to dissipate the exhaust smell.

Also please avoid idling in the garage, north ramp and in the loading zone in front of the building.

2 thoughts on “CO in the building

  1. Is it carbon monoxide (CO) or carbon dioxide (CO2)? These are both odorless gases. I thank the man that got his old car started (with some work and time) for finding this flaw in the system before something much worse happened.

    • Hi Timothy, sorry it’s monoxide. I’ll update the title. We recently had CCM replace the sensors as they were non operational. We are coordinating with the individual and have turned off the fan that exhausted into the intake. There is a second expeller on the south ramp and third on the west side of the parking deck at street level.

      CCM will be getting us an estimate for a more permanent fix shortly.

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