10th Floor

The 10th floor is currently closed for repairs. The HOA will authorize these repairs as soon as funds allow. Then we will once again have a great space for building events and rental by individual owners.


Large balconies are one of the finest features of the Americana. Many residents feel this size balcony adds to the livability of our homes – so enjoy yours to the fullest! Remember, however, to take precautions not to drop anything off your balcony as falling objects pose a real danger to people and cars below. Also, help keep our building neat and attractive by not hanging laundry or other objects off the railing.

Cooking out on your balcony? City and County of Denver fire code allow for up to two of the smaller 1-lb. tanks on your balcony and also electric grills. Residents with a standard propane grill can use an adapter like this one to allow their grill to use 1-lb tanks.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and AC for each unit is provided by pipes that run hot or cold water throughout the building. The building maintains the common elements of this system. For example, we replaced the AC compressor in 2009 at a cost of $20,000 from the HOA operating account. Owners are responsible for maintenance of the pipes within their own units. They are also liable for damage to other units if their pipes break.

If the HVAC pipes in your unit have never been replaced, you need to seriously consider doing so. The older pipes are subject to breaking, especially in the spring and winter during times of switch between heating and AC. The cost to replace them is approximately $1,500. The cost is high because you are dealing with demolition work, re-piping, asbestos removal, and construction after the pipes have been replaced. We highly recommend that you also replace your fan coil unit in the ceiling. The whole HVAC system is shut down twice a year, in May and September, to allow for replacement.

Free filters

It’s important to replace the air filters in your unit twice a year. To encourage residents to do so, the management provides free filters. You can get yours from the office.


We are all trying to our best for the environment, and the presence of a “mixed-stream” recycling bin on the American parking lot makes it EASY. That’s the tan dumpster behind the two green trash dumpsters on the parking lot just north of the building. And you just dump in everything – paper, plastic, glass, cardboard – that are recyclable (see list below). No need to separate items. EASY! Because of the enthusiastic use by Americana residents, we recently increased the number of times the recycling bin is emptied to twice a week.

Please put all of the following items in the recycling dumpster (NOT IN THE GREEN TRASH DUMPSTERS)
Newspapers (including inserts), phone books, magazines, brown paper bags, bulk or junk mail. (Remove magnets from phone books.) Steel or tin cans, aluminum foil, corrugated cardboard boxes (flattened), chipboard (cereal or tissue boxes). Aerosol cans (totally emptied), glass bottles and jars, pie tins, soda cans. Plastics (#1 thru #7), plastic milk jugs, yogurt containers, detergent bottles (Tide, etc.), vitamin bottles, soda, water, juice bottles, shampoo or liquid soap bottles.

Please follow the below guidelines when recycling:

  • Please empty all bottles.
  • Break down cardboard boxes, especially large ones, to take up less space.
  • Do leave recyclables in containers or bags, dump the recyclables into the bin.

Put the following into the trash dumpsters:
Plastic egg cartons, six pack ring holders, plastic plates or cups, paper towels, mirrors, light bulbs, ceramic dishes, Styrofoam, and any food products, and plastic bags. You can recycle plastic bags at most any grocery store, but not in our dumpster.

The blue recycling receptacle in the lobby is for recycling junk mail; no cigarette or food trash please.


The building roof was completely replaced in 2009.  There is an area of pavers from which residents can see the city, watch fireworks on the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve.  Beyond the pavers the roof is covered with river rock.  For both safety and long life of our new roof, it is very important that everyone stay off of the river rock.  If you want access to the roof, visit the office during office hours to sign a Roof Access Agreement and get a key.

Swimming Pool

The pool is open to residents and their guests from mid May to mid September.  All owners are furnished with a key to the gate. To access the rules for the pool, click on ‘Governance’ in the left menu and then look for the sub menu item titled ‘Documents’.