1st Floor Leak Update

You may have noticed several holes in the hallway outside of the laundry room. There is a leak that we are investigating. We had plumbers come out and look at it and we were told that the repair will require draining the pipes in the building of all water the day before the repair, which means that the heat will have to be off for a little under 2 days (1 day of draining the pipes, and a 4-8 hour repair window the following day). Currently the leak is slowly weeping and we are trying to wait to schedule the repair until the temperatures are not freezing. We are hoping we can get this taken care of when there is a week of higher temps predicted. In the meantime, we are leaving the situation as is, so it can be continuously monitored. We are hoping to avoid an emergency repair in freezing temps and do not want to shut off the heat unless absolutely necessary. We will provide more updates as they occur.

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